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All of our services are in English, but soon we will support Spanish and French language too.

Our Standard and Verbatim service tiers come with an accuracy guarantee of 99% for all audible words in a high quality audio. We monitor the Word Error Rate (WER), which is what our accuracy guarantee is based on. Out of the total number of words, less than 1% of them will be inaccurate.

If a customer is not satisfied with their transcript and has not made modifications to their transcript, we will review the file for the Word Error Rate – and if it doesn’t meet our standards, we will happily redo the file.

We can deliver work on the weekend. We just ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible so that we can staff appropriately. There is no need for additional fees for the weekends. 

If a customer is not satisfied with their transcript and has not made modifications to their transcript, we will review the file for the Word Error Rate – and if it doesn’t meet our standards, we will happily redo the file.

We are always looking for well-qualified typists for transcription and captioning. But at first, there is an internship course that you should take and some exams to take and get appropriate scores for that.

As long as special instructions (if any) and the audio duration are included, you can upload as many files as you wish. Work will then begin immediately. If errors occur, files can be deleted.

Yes, our timestamping has four options :
1- Every 10 seconds with +0.5$ charge per minute
2- Every 30 seconds with +0.35$ charge per minute
3- Every 2 minutes with +0.25$ charge per minute
4- On speaker change with +0.25$ charge per minute
You can choose it on our order now page.

It is effortless; just click here to go to the order now page. Our online order process takes just minutes to complete.

Payment & pricing

Yes, we do! We have special offers for companies and other bulk project providers, which will be up to 30% discounts and other special services. These discounts and services are incredibly beneficial for our customers. For more information, you can contact us.

Refunds are typically handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation; here are a couple of frequent scenarios:

  1. If you realize that you have uploaded the incorrect audio file for us to transcribe, we’re able to offer a 1-hour cancellation window after purchase for our Standard and Verbatim service tiers.
  2. If you feel that your transcript is inaccurate after it’s been completed – we will conduct a review, depending on the service tier level that you purchased. 
  3. Delivery times are estimates of what your file should take but are not guaranteed. If you’re having an issue with not getting your files back in time, please contact us to resolve it.
  4. For lightning services not delivered within our projected turnaround time, please contact us for a partial refund.

Anytime you contact our customer support, please provide the file name, the email address used to upload your file, and a problem summary.

Privacy & Policy

All the employees of DailyScribers are bound by a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement to help protect the customers’ privacy. Also, our workforces are all full-time employees with full commitment to their job

DailyScribers has a strict customer confidentiality policy. Your files are private and protected from unauthorised access.

Visit our Privacy and policy page for more details.

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