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Medical Transcription Services


Medical transcription is the process of converting written medical reports, notes, and other verbal recordings into written or electronic text format, and Dscribers is honoured to provide you all with Medical transcription services. We are a team of experienced and professional transcribers who are ready to help you with any projects you have at hand.  We guarantee that the transcripts we deliver are error-free, highly accurate, human-based and customized based on your requirements.

What Are Medical Transcription Services?

Medical transcription services, as we mentioned earlier, are in fact services that include converting dictated medical reports, notes, and other verbal recordings into written or electronic text format. These services are typically essential for maintaining accurate patient records, facilitating communication among healthcare professionals, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

How Is It Done?

Medical transcriptionists or transcription service providers listen to audio recordings made by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, or other clinicians. They transcribe these recordings into written documents, often using specialized software and medical terminology databases to ensure accuracy. 

Why Is It Important to Provide Medical Transcription Services?

Accurate and timely transcription is crucial in healthcare settings to ensure that patient information is correctly documented. Medical transcriptionists play a vital role in maintaining clear and comprehensive medical records, which in turn supports proper patient care, research, billing, and legal documentation. Recently, the need for medical transcription has increased due to the global growth in patient numbers, the increasing frequency of surgical procedures, and the swift advancement of healthcare facilities

Medical transcription services need to adhere to strict patient privacy regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. This is to make sure that the patient’s protected health information (PHI) is confidential and secure. Reputable medical transcription services often have quality assurance processes in place. This may involve a team of transcriptionists, editors, and proofreaders to ensure that the transcribed documents are error-free and meet industry standards.

Advances in speech recognition technology have led to the development of voice-to-text software that assists medical transcriptionists in the transcription process. While this technology can increase efficiency, human oversight is still crucial to ensure accuracy and context, which is what we do in Dscibers.

The services Medical transcription offers to healthcare professionals

Basic Transcription

This form of transcription is defined as the process of converting spoken medical notes into text, including patient histories, physical exams, diagnostic assessments, and treatment plans. It mostly includes the more general terms and specialities.

Specialty Transcription

In this type of medical transcription, more specific medical files are transcribed. In this type of transcription, the recordings from specific medical specialities such as radiology, cardiology, orthopaedics, and more are transcribed and they carry more details. You can listen to some of these files here

EMR Integration

Although medical transcriptions can be done manually, some transcription services offer direct integration with electronic medical record (EMR) systems which are used to ensure seamless record-keeping and data sharing. It is mostly decided by the clients.

Editing and Proofreading

In this part, the final transcript is checked to avoid any possible error. The transcriptionists will review and edit transcribed documents for accuracy, clarity, and grammar.

Features of Medical Transcription services that DScribers offer




Medical transcription agencies offer a range of features and services to meet the transcription needs of healthcare providers. Dscribers aims to ensure accurate, timely, and secure transcription of medical documents.

Accurate Transcripts

We work so hard to deliver the files that our clients ask for. Our professional and skilled medical transcriptionists ensure precise and error-free conversion of audio recordings to written text. We are committed to providing accurate and high-quality transcriptions, ensuring that medical records are error-free and reflect the intended information.

Contextual Understanding

Being knowledgeable about the specific medical terminology is a necessity. Our transcriptionists are familiar with medical terminology and practices to ensure an accurate representation of the spoken content. Our team specialises in various medical specialities and is familiar with specialized terminology and procedures.

Tailored Expertise

Dscribers’ transcriptionists are trained and skilled in transcribing different medical fields. We have several transcriptionists with knowledge and experience in specific medical specialities, such as cardiology, radiology, orthopaedics, etc. and they can provide specialised transcription services for those in need.

Data Security

We are adherent to HIPAA and other privacy regulations to ensure patient data confidentiality and secure handling of protected health information (PHI). We use various data security measures, including encrypted file transfer, secure storage, and backup protocols, to instil confidence in clients regarding the safety of their information.

Quick Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is measured based on the type of file you upload. Agencies often offer options for expedited turnaround times to meet urgent transcription needs. We are proud to announce that we can deliver transcripts within short turnaround times which will help clients meet urgent documentation needs.

Customization and Formatting

Various clients have various preferences and typically transcripts are formatted according to the client’s desire. We can tailor transcripts to meet specific formatting preferences, ensuring consistency and ease of reading for healthcare professionals.

EMR Integration

Daily Scriber’s team is capable of integrating transcribed documents into electronic medical record (EMR) systems, which facilitates the seamless transfer of transcribed data.

Voice Recognition Technology

Nowadays the use of speech recognition technology to streamline the transcription process has surfaced and the human review is done for double accuracy. We use innovative speech recognition technology or AI-assisted transcription methods to enhance efficiency while maintaining accuracy.

Multi-Step Review

In order to make sure that the final transcript is accurate and accountable, a multi-tiered quality control process involving transcriptionists, editors, and proofreaders is done to prevent any possible error or mistake.

24/7 Availability

Most agencies may offer round-the-clock support for transcription requests to accommodate different time zones and urgent needs. We provide a responsive and dedicated customer support team, available to address your queries, provide updates, and ensure client satisfaction. We are 24/7 available and willing to accommodate various time zones and urgent transcription needs.

Secure File Transfer

Medical files mostly include highly private and confidential data, therefore secure methods for uploading and transferring audio files for transcription are needed to maintain data security. At Daily Scribes we use robust data backup and redundancy measures to prevent data loss and ensure continuous service availability.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to services. The pricing comes first for most clients. The price might be different based on factors like audio duration, turnaround time, and complexity. We provide clear and competitive pricing models that offer value for money while maintaining the quality of your services.

HIPAA Compliance

We are rigorously adherent to HIPAA regulations and data security standards, and we make sure that patient information and other confidential data are handled confidentially and securely.

Comprehensive Services

We are not bound to only one medical service to offer. In addition to transcription services, we are happy to declare that we also offer additional services such as editing, proofreading, or compatibility with multiple EHR/EMR systems.

Detailed Reports

The Dscribers team provides customized reports or analytics related to transcription activities, usage, and turnaround times to involve the clients in the process of transcription and ask for their possible desires.


Medical Transcription Is Perfect for

Medical transcription offers significant benefits to various individuals and entities within the healthcare industry. Here are some groups of people who can benefit from medical transcription:

Healthcare Providers

The very first group of people who benefit from medical transcription services are doctors, physicians, and specialists. They can make use of accurate medical transcriptions of patient histories, examinations, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Transcribed records aid in providing comprehensive patient care.

Nurses and Nursing Staff

The second group are nurses. They use transcribed medical notes and instructions to ensure proper patient care, administer medications, and track patient progress.

Medical Researchers

The next group are researchers. They use transcribed clinical trial data, patient interviews, and research findings for medical studies, analysis, and publications.

Medical Coders and Billers

Medical coders and billers can also benefit from medical transcriptions. Accurate medical transcriptions facilitate medical coding and billing processes, which will ensure correct and timely reimbursement from insurance companies.

Hospital Administrators

Transcribed medical records can be of help to administrators. It will maintain organized patient data, track treatment history, and improve hospital operations.

Radiologists Pharmacists

Transcriptions of radiology reports and diagnostic images aid in accurate interpretation and diagnosis. Pharmacists also use transcribed medical prescriptions and instructions to dispense medications accurately.

Medical Students and Residents

The medical transcriptions can be used as primary sources. Students use transcribed medical lectures, case studies, and patient notes for learning and preparation for medical exams. In most medical schools the seminars and lectures are recorded to be transcribed later and be given to students as references.


Patients benefit from transcribed medical files just like doctors and nurses. Keeping track of their notes, instructions, and treatment plans can enhance their understanding of their health conditions and treatment regimens.

Legal and Insurance Purposes

Legal professionals and insurance companies use transcribed medical records for legal cases, insurance claims, and evaluations. They can refer to the transcripts if there is a need for them.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare facilities maintain accurate transcriptions to comply with regulations, such as HIPAA, for patient privacy and data security.

Quality Assurance and Auditing

Transcribed medical records aid in quality assurance and internal auditing processes within healthcare institutions.


Why should you partner with Dscribers?

Human work only

We provide services that are done 100% by humans and not by AI. We know the importance of accuracy, therefore we are dedicated to providing the best services for our clients.

Quality check

While the project is being done, we do several reviews and edits to offer top quality and accuracy to meet the accuracy of 99%.

Native Transcribers

The team of Media transcribers at Dscribers consists of native speakers who are familiar with any aspect of various languages.


Medical Transcription Services FAQs

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting spoken medical records, dictated by healthcare professionals, into written text format. These records include patient histories, diagnoses, treatment plans, and other medical documentation.

Why is medical transcription important?

Medical transcription ensures accurate and organized documentation of patient information, facilitating communication among healthcare providers, insurance companies, and regulatory authorities. It also contributes to patient care continuity and legal compliance.

Who performs medical transcription?

Medical transcriptionists, often trained professionals with expertise in medical terminology, perform medical transcription. Some healthcare providers also employ in-house transcriptionists, while others outsource specialized transcription services.

What qualifications do medical transcriptionists have?

Medical transcriptionists typically have formal training in medical transcription, including coursework in anatomy, medical terminology, and transcription techniques. Many also pursue certification from organizations like the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

Is medical transcription confidential?

Yes, medical transcription services prioritize patient confidentiality. They adhere to strict privacy measures, including compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to protect sensitive patient information.

How is patient data secured during transcription?

Transcription services employ encryption, secure file transfer protocols, and access controls to safeguard patient data. Authorized personnel only have access to patient records.

How are turnaround times determined for medical transcription?

Turnaround times for medical transcription can vary based on client preferences and the urgency of the request. Common options include standard turnaround (24-48 hours), expedited (within 12 hours), and STAT (within a few hours).

Are there different types of medical transcription services?

Yes, medical transcription services cover various types of medical documentation, including patient history, operative reports, discharge summaries, radiology reports, and more. They can also transcribe various medical specialities, such as cardiology, radiology, and dermatology.

Do medical transcription services offer multilingual support?

Many medical transcription services provide multilingual capabilities to accommodate diverse patient populations and healthcare professionals who speak different languages. We at Dscribers offer multilingual services for our clients.

How are errors corrected in medical transcriptions?

We use quality assurance processes. In this process, proofreading and editing are conducted to identify and correct errors in transcriptions. Transcriptions are reviewed for accuracy and completeness before being delivered to clients.

What is the cost of medical transcription services?

In Dscribers the cost of medical transcription services can vary based on factors like volume, turnaround time, complexity, and additional services required (e.g., time-stamping or formatting). But we do not price the project based on the number of speakers.

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